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The Advantages of Piggy House
If you live in a messy house, like I do you have an advantage over others. WHAT!? Yup, you do. And deep in your heart of hearts you know it. Why spend 15 minutes making up that fancy bed with its pillows of lace and fake gold. Why put the cute bunny in the middle? Why go to the fridge and get a real carrot for the fake bunny? After all your cat will only drag the carrot away. OK, you got me. I don't know first hand what happens ... because I don't make my bed.
I know you are shocked. But it is true. But what if others see your bed, you ask. Well, I usually arrange to meet them at the local Starbucks at such-and-such time.
I live in a rooming house
A rooming house that is similar to the frat house that was in that National Lampoon Movie that stared Baloushi .... Ahhhhh, Animal House.
The Bottom Line
You just walk out of your room and forget cleaning. The dust and stuff on the floor and the this and that ... well, just turn a blind eye. It is amazing but I believe my Swiss Army knife has never been lost. I know exactly where it is on the "dresser." The Dresser is a mess, both inside and out.
To be continued ... if people wanna learn more about HOW Piggy HOUSE saves me time and energy that I expend on other things. Buying a PEETs coffee and doing the FREE Internet PEETs has for us goof offs. You can get FREE ertainment sitting by near the San Jose State fountain. Valley Fair Mall and the fountain at San Jose State have the best people watching.

The BIKE shop, right, has been in Downtown San Jose on First Street for a long time. How long? Probably over 20 years. If you know how long this BIKE shop has been on Fisrt Street, please use the Guest Book at the bottom of this page to tell me. Thanks. -- Let's You Create Bookmarks

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I Like IDT's Stock

Fireworks! Here's the annual downtown San Jose fireworks show. Click -->HERE<--


On this home page, I'll introduce myself and talk about my reasons for wanting a web site. I might put a picture of myself on this page...or just a picture that I especially like.


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11/1/01 - Added new photos to Vacation Album page.

A Young Yogi Bear Faces a Boo-Boo He Did to His Self

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